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Newborn Prep Guide

  • Newborn sessions are best photographed when baby is 3 weeks or less.  After this time-frame, Baby is easily awakened, more difficult to pose and tend to cluster feed.

  • I have some beverages and snacks available while you are relaxing as well. (and some goodies for the older kiddos, too!)

  • Family photos are taken first, so please have everyone dresses (except for newborn) when you arrive. Small children and toddlers can be changed in the studio once you get there if needed.

  • Sessions may take up to 2-3 hours long, please bring whatever you may need during that time.

  • Props, headband, bonnets and wraps are supplied. If you have a sentimental item, bring along if you wish.

  • If baby is breastfed, avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks as well as gassy and spicy foods 24 hours prior to session. 

  • Try to keep you baby up about an hour before your session. Try giving baby a bath!

  • ***Give baby large feed before arriving at the studio or plan to feed once you arrive. Be prepared to feed baby throughout session or have prepared bottles (bottles work great for posing and feeding simultaneously).

  • Bring baby to session in a button/zipper-down sleeper, something easy to take off without going over the baby's head to wake them..

  • A pacifier is HIGHLY encouraged. Usage will be minimal and therefore nipple confusion will not occur.

  • Room will be very warm, dress in layers for your own comfort.

  • Neutral colored shirts are encouraged for family photos.  Photos will be cropped at the breast- no need to worry if your clothing doesn't fit around the belly. 

  • Pee (or poo) happens during family photos- bring a change of clothes just in case.

Family backdrops availble


Sibling backdrops

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